Dover Station Project

New York Transco is developing the Dover Station Project (Dover Station), a network upgrade electric substation.

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The New York power grid is evolving to deliver more clean energy resources. To support this, the transmission system is being upgraded and improved. The Dover Station is part of the efforts to improve the capacity, efficiency and resiliency of the New York electric grid as it transitions to clean energy.


Located at the corner of Routes 22 and 26 in the Town of Dover, NY, the Dover Station is a proposed new electric substation facility that will help control flows on the bulk power transmission system to more efficiently serve New York homes and businesses. The Dover Station will improve the existing site conditions (previously used as a junk yard and building materials storage site) with a fully fenced and landscaped five acre station facility. The facility will include two active transformers (phase angle regulators), a control unit, lightening masts and transmission poles. The Dover Station will be an unmanned and secure site that connects into the existing transmission system.


  • Increases local tax revenue.
  • Improves the existing site (formerly a junk yard and building materials storage site)
  • Advances New York’s clean energy future.
  • New York Transco is a collaborative, locally-focused New York owner, operator and developer of bulk transmission assets.


On October 1, 2021, New York Transco submitted an application to the Town of Dover Planning Board.


2021-2022 – Permitting

2022-2023 – Construction

End of 2023 – Energized & In-Service


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