Our Projects

New York Transco is focused on developing innovative, cost-effective transmission solutions that facilitate the growth of renewables, reduce energy prices and bolster system reliability in a minimally impactful and collaborative manner.

New York Transco pursues solutions that can achieve identified needs and be permitted and built on-time and on-budget.

New York Transco is currently constructing the New York Energy Solution (NYES)  and developing the Rock Tavern to Sugarloaf Project (RTS) and Dover Station Project. The projects help bolster the transmission system to better facilitate renewable energy from upstate resources to downstate customers, while improving overall grid resiliency and storm hardening.

New York Energy Solution website: www.NY-ES.com

Rock Tavern to Sugarloaf website: www.RTSUpgrade.com

Dover Station Project: www.NYTransco.com/Dover