Our Projects

New York Transco is currently developing the New York Energy Solution (NYES), a proposed upstate to downstate electric transmission upgrade project.

Please visit the New York Energy Solution website at http://www.NY-ES.com for more information.


The New York Energy Solution (NYES) will implement transmission upgrades to relieve historic congestion on New York’s bulk electric power system, while enhancing reliability and facilitating clean energy resources in the upstate region to the downstate demand centers.


NYES will retire, replace and upgrade aging electric infrastructure re-using existing utility rights-of-way and property. Core components of the project include – a new approx. 54.5-mile 345 kV electric transmission line from Schodack, NY to Pleasant Valley, NY, a new switching station in Schodack, and ancillary transmission upgrade work in Rensselaer, Dutchess, Columbia and Orange Counties.


  • Update Aging Infrastructure. The new monopole transmission structures will replace assets over 80 years old, with a minimal increase in average height and a more streamlined use of the existing rights-of-way.
  • Improve Resiliency. The increased transfer capability will improve grid resilience grid during stressed system conditions and disruptive events. Additionally, the engineering exceeds minimum standards to withstand storm events.
  • Help with Generator Retirements. The energy landscape in NY is changing and some generators are scheduled for retirement. This project will offer operating flexibility to better manage this.
  • Have Minimal Impact. The project optimizes the use of existing transmission corridors and facilities and does not cross the Hudson River.
  • Facilitate clean energy resources. The project will help meet key environment and energy goals.
  • Increase job opportunities and tax revenues. The project will generate both direct and indirect jobs during construction, operations and maintenance to stimulate positive economic activity. Additionally, the project’s new assets would increase tax revenues paid to each of the municipalities that host the infrastructure, boosting their budgets.


On April 8, 2019, NYES was selected by the New York ISO through its Public Policy Transmission Planning Process as the more efficient or cost-effective solution to address identified AC transmission needs.

New York Transco is committed to stakeholder engagement and continues to conduct outreach to state, local and federal leaders, along with abutting landowners and residents, and interest groups.

New York Transco submitted its Article VII application (Case  Number 19-T-0684) for the New York Energy Solution to the Public Service Commission on October 18, 2019. The application was deemed complete on February 10, 2020.


2019 – Begin Outreach & kick off Permitting

2019-2021 – Permitting

2021-2023 – Construction

End of 2023 – Energized & In-Service