About Us

New York Transco’s mission is to plan, develop, construct, and own major high voltage electric transmission projects.These projects will improve the long term viability of New York’s transmission infrastructure, reduce congestion and advance the states public policy objectives which include expanding renewable power and promoting economic development.

In June 2016, New York Transco energized three new projects: Ramapo to Rock Tavern; Frasers-Coopers Corner; and Staten Island Unbottling. These transmission upgrades not only contribute to reliability if Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant were to shut-down, they also significantly reduce upstate to downstate transmission congestion which saves money for electricity consumers.

New York Transco, together with Grid NY LLC, a subsidiary of NationalGrid, has proposed additional projects in the New York ISO Public Policy Planning Process to further decrease upstate to downstate transmission congestion which will save money for consumers and encourage upstate renewable development.

New York Transco is owned by Con Edison Transmission, LLC, Grid  NY LLC, Avangrid Networks New York TransCo, LLC and Central Hudson Electric Transmission.

Expanding Renewable Power

Reducing Congestion Professionaly

Promoting Economic Development

Advance the States Public Policy Objectives

Saves Money for Electricity Consumers

Reduce upstate to downstate Congestion